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Childhood Memories
Today, I went into my girlfriend's house without permission. I didn't give her a heads up or anything, I just went in. A trespass of privacy, I know, but something seemed off about her. She didn't talk much at school today, which is odd because usually she's so jovial. I noticed that her parent's car was not in the driveway so I assumed that they went out. The door was unlocked and I easily slipped in. All of the lights were off in the house, which gave off an eerie feel. I didn't like how this felt. I walked up the stairs, almost tripping in the darkness and found my way into her room. The lights were off in her room as well, a 3DS XL the only thing dimly lighting the room. I didn't want to startle her so I came up from behind her and hugged her tightly. She seemed surprised as she turned around to face me. Although I couldn't see her well, I saw her eyes red with tears. Concerned, I asked her what was wrong. Through her sniffles I could hear her answer.
"I just had a bad day," she an
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Not Good Enough
I've lived life as a broken girl.
I've been beaten and kicked while I'm down so many times that I can't even feel the pain anymore.
Each day, I'm greeted with insults and stones.
But I'm used to it now.
The world always told me I wasn't good enough and grew up believing them.
Until you came.
We've been together for quite some time now.
You've been so kind to me, I feel so grateful.
You've done everything I wished people would have done in the past.
I actually feel... good enough.
But lately, you've been paying attention to another girl.
When I asked you about it, you would say that there's nothing between you two.
But can I really believe that?
When I opened the door to my house, you weren't there.
You left me for that other girl.
And now I can't get over you.
Did I do something wrong?
You gave me all of the things I wanted, did you think that I didn't deserve it?
Now that you left me,
I'm back to feeling not good enough again.
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The Beauty Within
"Don't worry, you're beautiful on the INSIDE."
Really? Is that what you think?
Internal beauty is a lie.
Saying that someone has "beauty within" makes you a liar.
Because what IS inside?
What is so beautiful inside of you? Inside of me? Inside of all of us?
Would I be able to see it if I ripped open your chest?
Would I be able to see it if I cracked open your head?
Even if I did, what is there?
A heart, a brain. They're just squishy body parts.
That's not what people look for.
What do they care for? Big breasts? A big butt?
That's not inside, is it?
So don't you dare tell me "I'm beautiful on the inside" because I know that no one is interested in that.
And I won't believe it either.
Because I know that you're lying.
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Fallen Angel
There was an angel from heaven who decided to come down.
When she did, she was greeted with inimicality and malevolence.
Society tore out her wings and kicked her down.
Now she can't fly back home.
She's fallen to Earth.
She's fallen to Hell.
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A Word Of Advice
I must tell you a few things before you decide to get to know me.
This spirit of mine has no feeling.
This soul of mine is cold as ice.
If I decide to let you in, then that means I'll be giving you my heart.
You have the choice to bring it to the light or leave it in the darkness.
I'll tell you once again, my lover I'll soon to know;
This heart of mine is dark and murky, it's your job to find the light.
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Suicide and Rebirth
I stumbled upon a beautiful girl who was listening to loud music. I asked her,
"What kind of music do you listen to?"
She took out one earbud from her ear and replied,
"I listen to many things, sir."
"Like what?" I ask with curiosity.
"I listen to the breeze of the wind and the sound of the rain slamming on the roof during the stormiest of nights. I listen to the laughter of children when they play on the playground. I listen to the humming of the birds and the buzzing of the bees." She says.
"What beautiful things to listen to." I smile. "Do you listen to anything else?"
She smiles. "I'm glad you've taken an interest to my taste of music." She continues. "I listen to the pecking of woodpeckers and the howling of the wolf."
"How lovely."
"The heart has its own song as well, sir. Do you hear it?" She asks in a tender voice.
"I do not." I say. "What does your heart sing of?"
"My heart sings of the rattling chains coiled around it, constricting it tighter and tighter as life drags on. It
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Life's Questions
What do I do now?
I'm so confused.
Have I lost my way?
Did I even have a way to begin with?
Why do I feel like this?
I didn't feel like this back then.
What happened to me?
What is life?
What do I do with it?
What have I done with my life?
What am I?
What do people think of me?
I feel so different.
My mood shifted, a lot.
I have dropped.
I feel like unwanted space.
Do I even belong in this world?
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Scar the Wolf by Postaff Scar the Wolf :iconpostaff:Postaff 4 4 Redd Is A Pain by Postaff Redd Is A Pain :iconpostaff:Postaff 8 5
What is it like to be immortal?
I've always wanted to know
Living the same way for eternity
Not sure if you can escape
Or even feel like escaping
But escape isn't on your mind right now,
you're living in a beautiful lie
Now comes the time when things get ugly
You're thirteen and you have a family of your own
And while that family grows,
you stay the same
Soon you're kneeling by the hospital bed
Listening to your elderly children beg to you:
"Come with us, mother, come with us please."
Deep in your heart you want to go but you can't
And you watch as everyone you love flicker out like candles
Perhaps you can witness the end of the world
And you'd still be alive
Even suicide won't let you go
Immortality has it's icy fingers wrapped around you
Never releasing you from it'd grip
No one can hear scream with loneliness from inside your heart
What is it like to be immortal?
I never want to know
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Now and Always
He saw the smoke. The soldiers were still fighting outside as he sat on the sickbed, watching the bloody battle wage on.
"This has been the third time you've been here. You should take it easy and retreat. Your army won't be as good without their commander." The kind nurse advises.
He shook his head. The nurse looks at him with bafflement.
"I can't retreat now," He says. "My country is at war and that's not going to stop until I-we win."
The nurse sighs and shakes her head. Her medium long auburn hair whips as she disagrees.
"Look around you." She says. "No one else is in here but you. You're the only one getting hurt; you're the one taking all of the risks-"
"All for the sake of my country and its safety." He interrupts.
The nurse turns away. "Fine, be like that. But if you come here again, then I'm not treating you. Go find a different nurse to treat your recurring wounds because I won't do it."
She stomps to the other side of the tent.
She's forgetting that she's the only nurse on d
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Yveltal Nails by Postaff Yveltal Nails :iconpostaff:Postaff 4 0 Peace and Ammo by Postaff Peace and Ammo :iconpostaff:Postaff 4 6 Haystacks by Postaff Haystacks :iconpostaff:Postaff 0 0 Blaming Gravity by Postaff Blaming Gravity :iconpostaff:Postaff 8 13
"Wait! Come back!" I call to my client.
"No! I'm done with this! I just want this to be over." He tells me without stopping.
He slows down to catch his breath. I manage to catch up to him.
"And I can help you with that. Now lets go back to the office." I coax him.
He sighs. "I'm sorry I tried to run. I know you were just trying to help."
I put my hand on his back.
"We'll get through this together." I reassure.
I watch the boy twiddle with his fingers in silence. I decide to start a little conversation.
"So do you mind if you explain the problem here?"
I sigh. "I can't help you if you won't say what's wrong."
"Oh well. I don't need it anyways."
"Yes you do. You might hurt yourself if you don't get my help."
"I already have."
I blink. "What?"
The boy rolls up his sleeve and shows his arm to me. Scars and cuts line his arm. I cast my eyes down.
"I don't know how I can help you." I say.
He stands up. "Then I think we're done here."
He walks towards the door.
He turns arou
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a promise
i promise
that the loneliness will
not be forever
and your heart won't be severed
  even though it feels like it's falling apart somedays 
please know
it will stop 
one day
please stay 
i promise you
that you
will be
some day
so please..
hang on
and please stay
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Wow, the last time I made a journal was last year. Pretty mindblowing, I guess.
Anyways, I decided to finally get back on this site again, kinda. I'll just be typing up some stuff called "literature" so don't mind me. I'll be checking all this once in a while sooooo yeah.
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Okay fine ill say a bit more about myself. I'm Filipino and I love video games and anime with a burning passion :D I like drawing and sewing, but I'm bad at both hehe... People say I'm random at times... A lot of me varies if you look at my interests. And yeah... That's me! Hehe.... Hi :D
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